DIY Sewing

DIY Sewing Projects Anyone Can Do

DIY Sewing Projects Anyone Can Do   Sewing is one of those activities where many people feel disheartened and intimidated by the skills it requires. Sewers must be knowledgeable in their stitching, cutting, and hemming of the fabric into a new garment or item. Still, there are some DIY sewing projects anyone can do whether

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How to Be Stylish and Comfortable this Summer

How to Be Stylish and Comfortable this Summer   Summer has officially arrived. The sunshine is here to stay, and people should get outside as much as they possibly can. However, before you can catch some rays, you must put seasonal garments in your closet. Follow this guide on how to be stylish and comfortable

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Different Types of Luxury Wool

Different Types of Luxury Wool   Labels can be confusing—what’s the difference between cashmere and merino? (Hint: one is actually made of hair, and the other is wool.) Here’s a brief guide to the different types of luxury wool. Clothing to Cuddling Humans have been covering themselves for warmth and protection since Adam and Eve

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Essential Accessories for Women

Essential Accessories for Women – Are You Accessorizing?   Some women look so put together all the time, even when they are dressed very casually. A closer look will reveal that their seeming nonchalance comes from a carefully curated collection of essential accessories for women. These are the pieces every woman should have in her

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Detroit vs Everybody Shirts

Everybody Against Covid-19 Including Detroit VS Everybody

Shop Detroit VS Everybody From The Comfort Of Your Home   There are many Michigan fashion brands that are committed to giving back and we are proud to say Detroit vs. Everybody is one of them.  Did you ever notice on their website “Everybody VS” section? There are very few brands like them that support

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Shop Ariel Taub And Get 20% Off

Exclusively for Detroit Fashion News Readers: Shop Ariel Taub and Get 20% Off     Ariel Taub is a luxury accessory brand based here in Michigan that is designed specifically for the sophisticated woman who craves elegant and unique pieces for day, night, and a bride’s special day. Clutches, jewelry, bridal veils, and couture accessories

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City Bird Offers Online Discounts During COVID-19

Shop Detroit’s City Bird Online During COVID-19 and Receive Discounts   City Bird is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year! Siblings, Andy and Emily Linn founded the company back in 2005 with their admiration for art & gifts and the D. Then in 2009, they opened their flagship retail store in the Cass Corridor in

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Shinola Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Shinola Mother’s Day Gift Guide   Mother’s Day is right around the corner and our favorite Detroit brand Shinola is offering a variety of Mother’s Day gifts including jewelry, watches, and leather handbags. In addition to offering 2-day complimentary shipping on, the Shinola Detroit flagship store located at 441 W. Canfield in Detroit will

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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Monogram

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Monogram   There are those who believe, “If it isn’t moving, monogram it!” (a quote usually attributed to Reese Witherspoon). While good taste imposes limits on the range of items that may reasonably bear your initials, outlined in elegant script, the range of acceptable objects to monogram has expanded.

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Men’s Summer Fashion Trends for 2020

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends for 2020   Summer will be here soon and that means warmer temperatures, sunny days, and lots of time spent outside. Every season, there are new fashion trends to stay on top of and keep up with. Some are better than others, of course, largely because everyone has their own personal

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Ways You May be Accidentally Damaging Your Clothes

Ways You May be Accidentally Damaging Your Clothes   Clothing is fairly delicate, which means careful care is required to keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, many people accidentally damage their clothing without realizing it. Despite spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on clothing each year, people often engage in numerous careless acts that

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