Moniquee Sobocinski Nights of Hope's Featured Jewelry Designer

Moniquee Sobocinski: Night of Hope’s Featured Jewelry Designer

Michigan Designer Moniquee Sobocinski

This year, I am proud to share we are bringing in a Michigan jewelry designer to support the silent auction of the Grace Centers of Hope Night of Hope event. Michigan designer Moniquee Sobocinski, has designed unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry items to support the women currently enrolled in Grace’s program. Sobocinski has designed and created a necklace and/or necklace earring combo to represent a handful of selected women currently enrolled in Grace’s program and their stories of bravery.  A special “Night of Hope” necklace has also been created by Sobocinski for one lucky bidder during the evening’s silent auction.


The Grace Centers of Hope Night of Hope event is to be held on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at the Reserve in Birmingham. Guests are welcome to attend for a casual, stylish evening of fun to help raise funds for the Hands of Hope Childcare Center. The night will feature strolling dinner stations, live music and dancing, silent and live auctions and stories about the children whose lives have been impacted by Hands of Hope.


We spent some time with Sobocinski and here’s what she had to say about her jewelry and the Night of Hope event.


DFN -Congratulations on being selected as the featured Michigan Designer for the Grace Centers of Hope Night of Hope event. Each of your handmade necklaces will be dedicated to a woman in the program for the silent auction. Tell us, why is this charity so important for you?


Sobocinski- Grace Centers of Hope is a great charity. I love the fact that it empowers women to get back on their feet. I also love the fact that the charity is Christ-centered and that it teaches women life skills and accountability as well.


DFN – It’s a wonderful thing when women help women. Do you think we as women do enough for each other?


Sobocinski – I think it depends on the woman. Personally I try to support other women as much as I can.  I am not always able to chair an event or be on a committee, but I can at least donate products for an event.
DFN – When did you start designing your beautiful jewelry?


Sobocinski – I’ve been designing and making jewelry for as long as I can remember. It’s a hobby really, but I have done home shows and love to donate pieces for events such as this.


DFN – How do you come up with your designs and does it take long for your concepts to come alive?


Sobocinski – My designs are all done spontaneously and usually revolve around a certain bead or focal point. I don’t usually design the piece ahead of time, but rather, I design as I go.


DFN – What type of woman wears your jewelry?


Sobocinski – A variety of women wear my jewelry depending on the piece. Smaller ones are worn by more conservative women while my larger pieces are worn by bolder women who aren’t afraid to make a statement.


DFN – How does one purchase your jewelry or view your collection?


Sobocinski – Rather than creating a new collection each season I prefer to create a custom piece or ensemble to meet the need or compliment the personality of the client. Interested parties may contact me at (586)260-7217 or by email at


DFN – We heard you have a very creative mind. What other hobbies or projects are you currently working on?


Sobocinski – As a trained interior designer, I am currently working on a website for my business, Unique Spaces.  In my spare time, I like to design art notecards, art books and decorative paint items around the house.


DFN -The fashion community in Detroit and throughout Michigan is growing stronger and stronger each day.  What does it mean to you to be a Michigan jewelry designer?


Sobocinski – The opportunity to grow as an artist is always exciting.


DFN – Do you have any motivating advice for our readers who may want to start a fashion, jewelry or accessories collection?


Sobocinski – My advice for anyone wanting to start a fashion, jewelry or accessories collection is to follow your passion and work with the medium that most excites you!


DFN – Thank you for your time today. We appreciate you speaking with us.  We look forward to seeing your “Night of Hope” necklace and your other designs at Night of Hope.


Sobocinski – Thank you so much. I’m very excited for the event.

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