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Fashion Trends to Brighten your Mood

Winter in the Midwest is long and dry. To add to that, the roads become worse during this time causing lot of inconveniences during driving. But what is more surprising is the determination among the residents of Detroit to keep carrying on with their normal lifestyle even when the weather gets worse. Nothing stops Detroit from moving forward. The fashion sense is just as strong here. People here always try to see the brighter side of life, which is why, even when its cold, gloomy and dark outside, there are still flashy trendy clothes, accessories and makeup to cheer every woman or man’s mood.

So, here are a few options that will surely help in building one’s wardrobe for the winter:

The Poncho Affair


Ponchos have always been in fashion since the longest time. The best feature of this piece is that, it camouflages all the flaws that makes one conscious about. Pairing it with leggings and booties gives the most stylish yet comforting feeling. More precisely, the woolen ponchos give a structure to the body without being clingy. So, if one is attending any party or even going for long drive, such a timeless piece will do the dual job of making one look trendy and giving the right level of comfort.

Yellow is the New Black

Yellow Sweater

yellow sweater
Yellow is an instant mood lifter. Amidst all those greys, blacks and blues, our eyes constantly search for something new. Probably, yellow is the best fit in this case! Wearing a snug yellow sweater with a wide leg pant or sailor pant is an interesting style. Especially when the top/shirt is tucked inside a high-rise pant, it makes one look apparently taller. In addition to that, pairing the attire with heels brings the right balance to the entire look that can be carried well in any kind of events, parties or gatherings.

Breaking the Pattern

Printed leggings

People get too used to buying the basic leggings from the market. But there are various kinds of leggings available that have different patterns on it. For example, a white legging with black patterns on it, can be paired with a coral or a blush colored pullover. Coral, being the Pantone color of 2019, is definitely something to opt for while shopping during the Winter season.

Better in Black

Nude Boots
Nude Boots

Lastly, it’s time for Black. A “Little Black Dress” should be every woman’s staple in the wardrobe. It can be styled up or down as per the needs. A black dress can be paired up with a cardigan or boots of a contrasting shade, that will enhance the overall get up. To add to that, if the Winter weather is comparatively warmer, what can be better than flaunting our style with the sexy Black?

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