Things You Didn’t Know You Could Monogram

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Monogram


There are those who believe, “If it isn’t moving, monogram it!” (a quote usually attributed to Reese Witherspoon). While good taste imposes limits on the range of items that may reasonably bear your initials, outlined in elegant script, the range of acceptable objects to monogram has expanded. Here are a few things you didn’t know you could monogram.

Yoga Mats

Stand out at the studio with a monogrammed yoga mat. In addition to the practical value of differentiating your purple mat from everyone else’s purple mat, a monogram adds a dash of style to an otherwise purely practical item.

Butter, Soap, and Candy

Eating in gets old, as many have noticed during this necessary time of social distancing. Alleviate the boredom with a personalized butter mold that embosses your initials on a pat of butter. For those not into culinary crafts, try monogrammed soaps for the guest bathroom—to go with the monogrammed towels that are already hanging there. But monogrammed toilet paper? No, let’s just not.

Marketers and party planners have popularized monogrammed candies. These are great as favors for wedding guests or mementos at anniversary, graduation, and birthday parties. Obviously, the candy must have a hard shell for an edible-ink imprint or customizable wrapper.


Most style mavens know this already, but Converse offers hundreds of options to customize their sneakers, including adding your initials. Shops and craftspeople all over Etsy offer embroidered Chuck Taylors. Other brands are into customization as well, so check online to find your favorite style in a customizable version.

Walking Canes

Seniors sometimes resist adopting mobility aids, even if they truly need them. A gift of an engraved walking cane can break down that resistance and encourage an elder to do some healthy walking. Canes are not just for seniors, either. Dapper men and stylish women accessorize with walking canes in different species of wood, in patterns, or in clear acrylics, like J-Lo at the Superbowl.

Cooking Utensils, Barware, and Playing Cards

Stainless steel canisters that keep stainless steel kitchen utensils are perfect subjects for a monogram, along with salt and pepper shakers, corkscrews, cutting boards, and wine glasses. Whiskey aficionados can imbibe from monogrammed tumblers while playing poker with monogrammed playing cards.

Good taste suggests there is a limit to the number of things in your home or on your person that should display your initials simultaneously, so don’t overdo it. Car floor mats, front door wreaths, and—must it be said?—trailer hitches simply don’t need initials affixed. Monogramming originated as an expression of social status and traditionally has been applied to precious items and family heirlooms, so even though there are many things you didn’t know you could monogram, knowing you can doesn’t mean that you should. Most items that aren’t worth passing down generation to generation are not great candidates for monogramming.



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