Essential Accessories for Women

Essential Accessories for Women – Are You Accessorizing?


Some women look so put together all the time, even when they are dressed very casually. A closer look will reveal that their seeming nonchalance comes from a carefully curated collection of essential accessories for women. These are the pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe—preferably with several variations on each theme.

Beautiful Bags

Think about all the stuff you schlepp around every day—from your wallet and water bottle to your mascara wand and disinfecting wipes. What’s inside the bag is your business alone, but everyone will see the outside of whatever you’ve got slung over your shoulder. A bag is an opportunity to play with style and make a colorful statement. A classic leather bag in a beautiful bourbon shade adds a touch of class, while a bright satchel adds a spark of fun.

Scarves, Shawls, and Sunglasses

It doesn’t have to be winter to sport a scarf. Silk prints or floaty chiffon “smoke rings” add personality to everything from a plain white tee to a blazer. The great thing about scarves is they come in so many different lengths, widths, colors, and patterns; you’re sure to find something to enhance any outfit. A shawl counts as a scarf; when it’s wrapped jauntily around the shoulders, it’ll certainly draw interest. Remember to add a great pair of shades as the sun gets stronger to protect your eyes from UV rays and discourage wrinkle-producing squints.

Belts and Booties

Two more pieces that are versatile are belts and ankle boots. Go beyond browns and blacks with belts but stick to classic colors on the feet. Black booties go with almost any type of trouser, but up at the waistline, you have a chance for a pattern or a pop of color. For an extra bit of fun, pick out a belt with an animal print or geometric design.

Eventful Earrings

Accessorizing evening wear requires a bit more care. It all starts with the dress and proceeds from there, guided by the gown’s cut, fabric, and color. Essential accessories for women’s evening wear are statement jewelry—like a cuff bracelet, a glittering choker, or gorgeous pendant—and a clutch bag. Select shoes with a heel height you can handle. You must factor in the length of time you expect to be on your feet; this is key to maintaining your glamor for the evening. It would be a shame to spend a night out (when nights out become possible again someday) sitting in a corner with your tootsies tucked under the table.

Accessorizing is an art; plus, it’s one that takes practice. Start with a great bag and you’ll soon find yourself choosing scarves, belts, and jewelry to make any outfit uniquely your own.


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