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Fashion Success: How to Get Out of a Style Slump

Fashion Success: How to Get Out of a Style Slump


Do you get stuck staring at the closet in the morning? Though summer brings excitement for some style gurus, it can put others in a fashion daze. Thankfully, there are some simple steps to get you out of this seasonal rut. To help you feel more confident for this summer style season, take a look at our guide on how to get out of a style slump. It’s just in time to enjoy the rest of this sunshiny summer!

Get Rid of Some Clothes

Sometimes the best way to get out of any sort of slump is to lay off some of the baggage. A lot of the reason people fall into a fashion rut is that they’ve been staring at the same clothes for years on end. If you don’t love your clothes anymore, then you need to get rid of them and donate. There are tons of other considerations to think of when it comes to getting rid of clothes. See what you can get rid of—it may just help your fashion dilemma!

Play With Color and Texture

If you’re used to wearing the same sort of color scheme and that’s getting boring, then play with color. Maybe the kickstart you need will come from wearing a pop of red each day for a week, or from wearing bold colors in bold textures. Even something as simple as wearing a bright yellow sweater with hot pink tennis shoes can provide you with the motivation you need to enjoy the summer fashion season.

Search for Inspiration

Maybe one season puts you in more of a slump than others. That’s normal for a lot of people! However, that’s also where you can begin your search for fashion inspiration. Maybe you check out what your favorite celebrities are wearing. Maybe you look to the ‘80s or your friend who’s constantly on top of trends. Sometimes, the best way to kickstart your own fashion success is by taking ideas from others.

Work With Your Slump

Now, this may seem strange, but delving into your slump may be just the thing to get you out of it. If you don’t want to wear heels one day—don’t! See what you can do with fashionable sneakers. If you’re loving graphic tees, come up with different ways to utilize them. Just because you feel as though you’re in a slump doesn’t mean you can’t find new life with old pieces.

Shop Outside Your Comfort Level

After you’ve donated the clothes you no longer want, shop for some new pieces. Try your best not to fall back into old habits; shop outside your comfort level. If you confine yourself to one section of the store or a few go-to shopping spots, give other opportunities a chance. Try items you’re interested in at first glance and then go with that.

These are just a few ways to get out of a style slump. Hopefully, when you take in these tips, you’ll feel more confident about making it through upcoming seasons!

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