5 Fashion Apps That Make Fashion Fun

5 Fashion Apps That Make Fashion Fun


Want to shop and keep up with fashion trends while you social distance?  We’ve lined up 5 fashion apps perfect for doing just that. These days, you can find and purchase any outfit or trendy look with a click of a button right from home. Check out these 5 fashion apps that make fashion fun.

Like to Know It

Are you following a fashionable Instagrammer and want to purchase their outfit? Okay, go ahead!  Now you can like an Instagram post with a link in the comment and you’ll get an email with the full details of that same outfit you were crushin’ on. It’s an extension of Instagram that makes fashion a whole lot more fun and personal.

The Hunt

What is The Hunt? The Hunt is a crowdsourcing app for iPhone and Android dedicated to helping people find their favorite items. Users can post photos of items that they are dying to have, but can’t seem to find where to buy them. Fellow Hunt members (btw, there are more than 4 million members) will tell you where you can buy these items. So, you can make new friends and find those fashion treasures you’ve been looking for all along at the same time.


Are you in need of some retail therapy? We sure are. Like, for the last 6 months to be honest. You can personalize your feed on Lyst to display your favorite designers and brands, and scroll through the “Lyst” to view items you just have to have or you just “like”. You’ll be notified when your items go on sale (BONUS) and you can also read the app’s cool fashion articles when you need a good fashion fix.


Hush is an online market place with a strong focus on bitchin’ beauty products. Hush inventory includes makeup for all skin tones, nail polish, skin care products, and necessary beauty tools like blush and highlight brushes. Once you access the app, you can browse the inventory, add stuff to your wish list, and order products directly from the app. Some have mentioned the prices being a bit high, but always remember, you get what you pay for. Cheaper isn’t always better.


Ipsy is very similar to Hush. Here you can purchase cosmetics, brushes, skin care products, nail polish, and other beauty products.  They even have an Ipsy bag that you pay $10 per month for to receive special products at your doorstep. The app also includes video content (which we are all accustomed to by now) from Ipsy creators to learn about products and makeup tricks. Ipsy offers so much, you may be hooked for hours!

There you have it – our five current favorite fashion apps that make fashion more fun. Do you need to organize your closet? Or, are you looking for that special item and can’t seem to find it? These fashion apps are guaranteed to help. Thanks to these apps for making fashion more fun and for giving us that fashion fix we’ve been craving for the last few months.

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