Ways To Make Your Style Stand Out in Cold Weather

Ways To Make Your Style Stand Out in Cold Weather


In Detroit, the dropping fall temperatures only signal one thing—the coming of another biting Midwestern winter. Some of us thrive with fall and winter fashion—the jeans, the boots, the jackets—but for others who enjoy the bright trends of spring and summer, cold weather fashion just doesn’t come naturally. If you struggle to set yourself apart from the crowd in the cold lakefront air, we’ve got some of the hottest ways to make your style stand out in cold weather that you can’t miss.

Layer Up!

Just because you need to layer up to stay warm doesn’t mean you need to let the layers clutter your entire outfit. Each layer of clothing should be its own style statement, even when blended together. You can be bold with which colors or patterns you decide to combine as long as it makes sense, looks good, and reflects your personality. Each layer you shed will keep you comfortable as the weather warms up or when you go inside and will turn into a new outfit whenever you want.


Normally, winter fashion is mysterious and elegant—neither of these adjectives fit well with colorful, stand-out fashionistas. If you want to stand out, you need to pick bold accessories that describe your fashion sense beautifully. Pick a colorful scarf with a vivid pattern, loud tights that keep your legs warm, or an audacious pairing of a hat and gloves.

Accessories allow you to take risks and make quick edits to your outfit, especially with a single-toned coat. Avoid coats with flashy patterns that can be hard to match if you’d like multiple cold-weather outfits. A coat that is one or two colors or has a simple pattern can enable your diverse collection of accessories.

Choose a Stylish Winter Coat

Your winter coat is a necessary part of your cold-weather wardrobe, especially when night falls. One of the ways to make your style stand out in cold weather is by buying a cozy winter coat or parka that you get excited to pull out of your closet every winter. Coats come in a plethora of wild styles and colors, so be sure to pick one that accentuates your lively charms.

As mentioned before, picking a solid-toned coat will allow your accessories to speak louder. Since your coat needs to be made to withstand freezing Michigan winters, you’ll need to look for high-quality, stylish outerwear and be picky with what qualities each coat offers. A flimsy coat won’t last more than a year with these harsh winters! Brand names that you recognize and can research easily are best for fighting against the frosty elements.


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