How To Help Your Man Dress Better

How To Help Your Man Dress Better


It’s no secret that some men don’t take their appearance very seriously. Some men may also think they look great when their style leaves something to be desired. This isn’t inherently a male trait, but fewer expectations are placed on men to dress well and look put together. If a man in your life has expressed the desire to improve his style, it means he cares about looking good. We’ll look at how to help your man dress better so that you can give him the advice he needs.

Focus on the Positive

Even guys who don’t give their wardrobe much thought can get sensitive about how they look. If your tactic thus far is to belittle his style choices, try swapping that out. Instead of saying how much you dislike something, focus on the things you appreciate about his decisions. Tell him about them whenever you can. This reinforces the correct clothing choices without making him feel bad.

Give Gifts

You may not find many men used to the idea of receiving a gift “just because.” But if you see something that works with his style—maybe a dress shirt for an upcoming formal event or a classy hair tie for his long hair—don’t be afraid to gift it. Ensure that it’s something he would want to wear, and not just something that suits your own preferences.

Set Up a Shopping Date

Many men don’t enjoy shopping, but making the trip all about him might change his mind. If he really needs help with his wardrobe, visit your favorite store and focus on finding clothes that work for him. This will make him feel special, and having you there as a sounding board can help him make clothing choices.

When you’re considering how to help you man dress better, remember that positive reinforcement is the way to go. Always encourage him to step outside of the box and compliment his efforts. This will help develop his sense of style.

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