Unusual Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe

Unusual Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe


There’s always that one woman who wears a scarf effortlessly or that guy who can pull off a fedora unironically. Accessorizing is a learned skill. Too few can make your outfit disappear. Too many and you become a confusing mess. Picking up just one or two of these unusual accessories to add to your wardrobe can pull it all together and make you stand out—in a good way.

A Large Broach Worn on Your Jacket Collar

What if you put the pin in the collar instead of the front of the shoulder of your jacket? It will draw attention up to your face. Worn on one side gives you an asymmetrical, edgy look. If you prefer a perfectly balanced look, you can find a decorated dickie in several colors on Amazon.

A Detachable Lace Collar

This is the same idea as the dickie with the broaches, try one with a lace collar that can give you a layered look without another heavy layer. They work under suit jackets, too, as long as you keep yours buttoned up.

Artisan Belt Buckles

Visit websites that provide access to jewelers and crafters to look for a unique belt buckle. Accentuate a great waistline with a bedazzled buckle, or add an elastic belt that circles you tight and meets in the middle with animal or plant shapes.

Hair Accessories in Asymmetrical Shapes

Ban the boring barrette and go for hair accessories that really decorate your head. Shapes from nature or the sky, like gilded twigs or half-moons, add interest while keeping your hair out of your face.

Gender Benders

Pearl necklaces for men and chunky boots on women challenge gender boundaries and provide a broader opportunity for self-expression. Switch around sunglasses, hats, belts, and jackets without regard to binary labels.

Classic Black Beret

It’s only unusual since people stopped wearing them. Trade the beanie for the beret and bring a little continental charm into your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear the beret slanted to the side—in the winter it’s okay to pull it down over your ears to stay warm.

Big Earrings or Chunky Necklaces

Large hoops or long, asymmetrical natural shapes dangling from your ears can frame your face. Adding a chunky necklace of natural stones, big chain links, or glittery rhinestones is all you need atop a plain black or grey knit dress to take your outfit to the next level.

A Patterned Clutch

Add a pop of color under your arm with a patterned or multi-colored clutch. Choose from plaids, rainbow colors, or tapestry looks, with embroidery embellishments.

A Cane or Walking Stick

Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, J-Lo, and Madonna all sported canes from time to time—top hat optional. But a classy, wood walking stick or cane with an animal head or knob handle turns a stroll down the street into an event. It’s easy to find a cane to incorporate into your style—whether it’s modern or retro.

Unusual accessories can stretch a basic wardrobe, injecting variety, and interest into pieces you wear all the time.

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