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What to Know Before Coloring Your Hair at the Salon

What to Know Before Coloring Your Hair at the Salon


Fashion hair color trends are all the rage in 2021. You can’t go a day without seeing a perfect pink pixie or blue balayage blow-out on Instagram. It may have you wondering, could I achieve this perfection? People online make it look effortless. Organize yourself with what to know before coloring your hair at the salon.

Be Prepared

Have an idea in mind before you step foot in the salon. Searching the internet for a photo or two is great as well. Coloring hair is not a simple or inexpensive task, and your stylist wants to make sure you leave a happy customer. Be honest and open about your hair goals.

These appointments are much longer than your regular cut and dry ones. Therefore, make sure you’re ready to sit for an extended period. Bring along books or magazines to read while you wait for the color to take.

Have Realistic Expectations

Healthy coloring takes time. Your stylist may not be able to achieve the result in one appointment. After all, you’re also trying to maintain the integrity of your hair.

Do Mandatory Maintenance

Once your stylist has finished their job, you’re responsible for the upkeep. The color will eventually fade. But there are great products and methods you can use to protect your color. You want to be able to enjoy it and show it off for as long as possible.

Think of Your Lifestyle

Rainbow hair is currently a hot commodity. It’s gorgeous and exciting. With incredible vibrancy comes great responsibility, though. Bright colors are more challenging to maintain than blonde or brunette tones. This means more trips to the salon and more time keeping up with your hair. If you don’t have the extra time or money to spend, then maybe try something subtler.

Book a Consultation

If you’re unsure about what you’d like or just nervous about the whole process, book a consultation with your stylist. They’ll answer questions you have and set up a game plan. This will put you at ease about the process moving forward.

While hair color is permanent, remember that you can change it. Honesty is vital when you’re trusting someone else to color your hair. Your stylist doesn’t want you to leave unsatisfied. Remember these crucial things before coloring your hair at the salon.

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