Makeup Tips for People with Sensitive Skin

Makeup Tips for People with Sensitive Skin


Having sensitive skin can be incredibly frustrating. Nothing is worse than purchasing a new beauty product, only to end up with an allergic reaction or rash on your face. However, while finding high-quality and safe cosmetics products for sensitive skin may take more time and research, it’s far from impossible. In this blog, we’ll share our makeup tips for people with sensitive skin to help you get started.

Always Start with a Moisturizer Base

When you have dry skin, your skin is more likely to flake and develop red irritation spots. Putting harsh product formulas directly onto your dry skin could worsen the lack of moisture in these areas. Instead, protect your sensitive skin by starting your makeup routine with a base layer of moisturizing cream. This layer will add hydration to your dry skin and create a barrier between your skin and other product formulas.

Don’t Forget the Lip Balm

Most people forget to consider how sensitive their lips may be to certain products. Although different matte, gloss, and shimmering lip products have been major trends through the past few years, none of these products offer protection for sensitive skin types. To avoid peeling and sensitive lip skin reactions, we recommend applying a layer of flavorful lip balm to your lips before adding any other lip products. Lip balm will hydrate your lips and prevent irritating formulas from affecting them.

Avoid Scented Makeup

Some of the most common skin irritants found in makeup products are fragrances. Although scented makeup formulas smell alluring, these products won’t pair well with reaction-prone skin. Instead, stick to cosmetics products that don’t cover their natural scents with harsh perfumes or oils. Using softer formulas will prevent your skin from experiencing painful, red irritation and keep it healthy.

Use SPF Products

Including sunscreen in your daily makeup routine is vital. Every day, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, which can create sun damage and sunburn. If your skin is sensitive, creating a solid barrier between your skin and the sun’s UV rays is even more urgent. Luckily, many foundations, lip balms, and skin cleaners have altered their formulas to include SPF coverage. We recommend using SPF formulas with an additional layer of face sunscreen to keep your sensitive skin protected.

If you’ve always experienced painful allergic reactions to your cosmetics products, review our makeup tips for people with sensitive skin. Once you find products that complement your beauty with natural, non-irritating formulas, your skin will begin to thrive.

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