Tips for Packing for a Destination Bachelorette Party

If you’ve ever been to a bachelorette party, you know it’s the ultimate opportunity to celebrate and have fun with your friends. Plan to pack for a good time!

Tips for Packing for a Destination Bachelorette Party


Whether you’re going to the beach or up in the mountains, attending a destination bachelorette party calls for extensive and thoughtful packing; you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities much more when you don’t have to focus on the things you forgot to bring. Use these tips for packing for a destination bachelorette party to prepare your weekend bag well in advance.

Never Outshine the Bride

This party is the bride’s time to shine and be celebrated, and you don’t want to take that away from her. It should be an unspoken rule to never outshine the bride. In other words, you shouldn’t pack white outfits or anything that implies you’re the star of the show.

You can still wear bright, fun clothes, but you shouldn’t look like you’re trying to stand out from the rest of the group. Instead, collaborate with the other girls to create a dress code or color palette.

Pack for the Weather and Festivities

No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, you should be mindful of the potential weather and spontaneous circumstances. If you’re going to be hiking or participating in other outdoor activities, you probably shouldn’t plan to wear a dress and heels. On the other hand, a fancy resort or restaurant calls for a more formal ensemble than shorts and a t-shirt.

To be safe, consider bringing a few comfortable dresses suitable for any occasion, and always pack a jacket and long pants even if the weather looks promising. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a wild change in weather!

Bonus Tip: Bring a small gift for the bride to make her feel extra special all weekend!

Always Bring a Swimsuit and Pajamas

Even if you think you won’t need them, you should always pack at least one swimsuit and one pair of pajamas. If the bride decides she wants to go swimming or take a group picture in pajamas, you’ll be ready!

Don’t Forget the Decorations

One of the most important aspects of a bachelorette party is the decorations! Even if you don’t have much space for décor, putting up some balloons, streamers, banners, and photo props go a long way when it comes to throwing the ultimate party. You can make the rental house, cabin, condo, or hotel room look more festive with a few simple things.

Although it’s imperative to be prepared, it’s also possible to overpack—take time to evaluate what is necessary for the trip. With these tips for packing for a destination bachelorette party, you’ll be able to have the time of your life celebrating the bride-to-be. Make the bride’s last fling before the ring one to remember!


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