Reasons Why You Should Wear a Pendant of Thor’s Hammer

If you’re looking for a piece of meaningful and stylish jewelry, consider an ancient token. Find out why you should wear a pendant of Thor’s hammer.

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Pendant of Thor’s Hammer


Thor’s hammer, named Mjölnir, has gained modern popularity thanks to box office hits starring the Marvel Comics superhero Thor. Since 2011, movie-watchers have enjoyed the son of Odin wielding the hammer on the big screen. However, Thor and his legendary hammer have a much greater significance in long-standing history.

Wear jewelry with timeless value and contemporary appeal. Read reasons why you should wear a pendant of Thor’s hammer.

Mjölnir Symbolizes Heroism

In Norse mythology, people associate Thor with many things, including thunder, lightning, and protecting humanity. He used his trustworthy hammer, Mjölnir, to devastate his enemies and reward worthy people with blessings.

The Vikings were Norsemen who sailed from Scandinavian countries to raid, trade and colonize. These seafarers earned a fearsome reputation that lives on today. Their faith in Norse mythology emboldened their acts, and Thor was a key motivator and protector. Therefore, Thor’s prominence gave the Vikings many reasons to wear pendants of his hammer on their necklaces.

The depiction of Thor’s hammer is one of the most popular surviving artifacts from the Viking age. This empowering instrument symbolizes heroism. Just as ancient peoples did, you can wear Thor’s hammer as a pendant to inspire your own bravery.

You Can Reflect on Your Values and Interests

Jewelry is the perfect accessory for reflecting your values and interests. Symbolic pieces can hold more than one meaning or interpretation.

While one of the ancient meanings behind Thor’s hammer was heroism, you might choose to wear the hammer to represent your interest in Norse mythology or the modern-day version of Thor as a superhero.

Or you might wear this piece as a testament to your perseverance in the face of life’s troubles. When you thoughtfully choose unique jewelry, you add a way to showcase your personality.

The Pendant Looks Great

The final reason why you should wear a pendant of Thor’s hammer is that it looks awesome. Classic jewelry designs often appeal to a softer aesthetic. But Thor’s hammer is an object of power, both a weapon and a hallowing instrument. And it looks the part.

The unique shape of the hammer stands out from other pendants. These modern pieces of jewelry, often cast in sterling silver, carry an old-world look. Like any of your favorite jewelry pieces, you’ll love the look of this pendant.

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