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She’s confident, smart and heading in the right direction.  Fotoula Lambros has started her own line called Fotoula Lambros Design and she’s taking Detroit by storm. Mixing eco-friendly fabrics and super sophisticated talent, Fotoula Lambros is creating one-of-a-kind designs like no other and she’s only “just getting started”.  She was kind enough to answer a few of our nosey questions so sit back and enjoy our interview with this confident beauty.  We have a feeling you’ll be reeled in by the first question.


DFN – Congratulations on Fotoula Lambros Design.  Tell us about your mission as a designer and the main focus of your brand.

Lambros – Thank you much!! I am thrilled to be in the drivers seat of my brand new brand.  Over these years, I have evolved into a designer dedicated to the cut…I want to create unique and modern fashion, as well as make an ecological impact as much as possible.  I use different techniques and pattern maximization to think about what the design does from a sample throughout production.

DFN – We see your line as being very avant garde and modern.  Would you describe your line as such?

Lambros – Yes, I would only add that my line is wearable.

DFN – What fabrics do you mostly work with? Why?

Lambros – I only like to work with natural fiber textiles. There are a lot of different fabrics coming out all the time.  I specifically enjoy working with silks, hemp, cotton, soybean, modal and tencel.. I am even trying to limit my bamboo viscose use, since it has such a negative impact in the runoff phase and causes contamination. There are so many new fibers like pineapple and such that I haven’t tried yet, but I am always up for working with different fabrics.  Fabrics have many different characteristics, like people.  They all service certain purposes and it is my duty to assign that to a garment.

DFN – What motivates you to be eco-friendly and environmental conscious?

Lambros – Well, first, I know I am able and willing to be a designer. To focus my designs around something that has an impact long after I make the sample, makes a difference.  If I am using silk crepe de chine as a lining in my trenches, and not poly, I am at least creating the demand for natural, responsible resources, and that then contributes positively to our ecosystem. If I use other man made fibers, I am promoting the reproduction of something that is negatively impacting our Earth. If there is a will there is a way.

DFN – What type of consumer do you design for?

Lambros – I have always been asked to give a demographic, but I don’t like to be stuck in a box.  My clothes are more for a state of mind, or a lifestyle. There are so many gals, young through old, that appreciate my work and would wear it.  I would say my line is a little more contemporary, as well as being forward in its design.  My consumer is one busy gal, with family or with work, and needs her attire to move with her in life, not wearing her…

DFN – How can one purchase your designs?

Lambros – Currently I am taking personal orders on some Debut Collection Pieces, so people can inquire by contacting mail to:SALES@FOTOULALAMBROSDESIGN.COM.  My full E-commerce should be up and running by late September. Regardless, the Shop Site; will be available long before the Holiday shopping season!

DFN – Do you think women should integrate functional and interchangeable pieces within their wardrobe?

Lambros -I don’t see why not. How great would it be to have a top that wears so many different ways, that with a slight change on the neckline and a quick change of shoes, you are ready to turn day into night.  I guess I believe women are somewhat like me, always on the go. Always involved, and sometimes need to make a quick change to head out for a social engagement. Life is moving pretty fast, and your clothes sometimes should help keep up the pace.

DFN – What are the biggest mistakes you think women make when putting together their wardrobe?

Lambros – I think that more women need to invest in staples.  There are some key garments, like a sport coat, or a pencil skirt that can make a blouse or a tank top look fashionable.  I would also say that women are buying things more based on trend than timelessness.  I want women to appreciate quality, since they are worth it…Not just worth one time wear, and then the washer shreds it…

DFN – Who is your favorite designer and how does he/she inspire you?

Lambros – I would say Donna Karan. Her history, and story, is something I connect with greatly.  What she did in the 80’s changed the modern woman and made way for designers like myself. Also, I love that she drapes a bit, and her techniques are very unique. She definitely understands a woman’s physique. Since it has to be a tie, McQueen, as well. He has been such an influence to me and I am grateful to have been someone to see him execute in his career.. I remember the first dresses I saw of his, I think they inspired in me, since I am dedicated to push the limits of high fashion, and have a clear vision. I am sad that his life was over so shortly, I imagined him to be someone I admired and followed well into my career.

DFN – There seems to be quite a breakthrough in fashion within Metro Detroit.  What inspires you to stay here to promote and create your designs?

Lambros – There is a breakthrough here, since there are so many driven and dedicated people that have been pushing this to manifest.  There are many of us, who have contributed, sacrificed, and stayed here because Detroit is something special to us and deserves the chance to be the home of our foundations.  I am inspired by our history in Detroit.  The home of the automobile, and known as a manufacturing state, Michigan is a maker state. Whatever made, there is a spirit here, somewhat of a pioneer spirit, where there is room to grow and expand what we are doing. I feel there is no need to shy away from a place that has made me every ounce of who I am today.

DFN – Well said.  On that note, what is the main thing you want people to know about Fotoula Lambros, the designer?

Lambros – I am just getting started.




Photo – Headshot of Fotoula Lambros taken by Michael LaCombe Sr




Shannon Lazovski is the Founder & Editor of Detroit Fashion News.  Find out more about one of Detroit’s top fashion/mom bloggers here!

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