Detroit Denim Partners with Local Artist Paul Johnson

Detroit Denim and Paul Johnson Partnership Brings Art to Life on Denim   Detroit Denim, a company that’s known for their high-quality, custom-made jeans, has partnered with local Detroit artist Paul Johnson, also known as “FFTY”, for the first run of their summer collection. Each custom jean will be made to order through an online

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The Take Over of Maximalist Fashion

The Take Over of Maximalist Fashion   From wearing multiple vibrant colors or mixing various bold prints, to combining both with hundreds of accessories and layering everything atop each other. Maximalist Fashion. Yes. Maximalist fashion is back and bigger than ever before.  Maximalist fashion is typically associated with being very flamboyant and flashy. The look

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How to Dress like the Stars of “Euphoria”

How to Dress like the Stars of “Euphoria”   With season two of “Euphoria” coming to an end last month, fans of the show are now left waiting until late 2023 to early 2024 for the next season. Whether it be the intense emotions each episode showcases, the excitement of waiting till 9 pm every

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Rebecca Grewal 5 Tips

Five Tips for Successful Manufacturing

Five Tips for Successful Manufacturing   The only thing harder in fashion than running your own brand is launching a new brand!  Especially if you don’t have help from insiders. But when it comes down to it, you’ve got to have a fantastic product first. That means you need a great idea, thorough product development,

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