Bill Blass Appoints Chris Benz as Creative Director

Chris BenzIf you’re a Bill Blass fan, then you know it’s been two long years since we’ve seen a women’s ready-to-wear collection by Bill Blass.  After Blass’ retirement in 1999 and then his death in 2002, his label faced difficult times including a long list of designers that quickly came and went including Lars Nilsson, Peter Som, Michael Vollbracht, and Jeffrey Monteiro. None of these designers had what it took to maintain  the brand the way Blass did.  It’s also no secret these designers were unable to swoon others in social settings and network the way Blass did.  Blass’ outgoing demeanor and social appearances helped the brand peak in the 80’s making it worth $750 million.

Aiming to relaunch the label by Spring 2016, the Blass company has appointed a new creative director, Chris Benz to hopefully gain successful control again.  A plan to return to the international market has been tailored for months as well as a plan to straighten out issues with trademarks, copyrights and licenses. Benz, a young designer himself, will be taking the brand to a more youthful market and strengthening the company’s voice on social media.  We think it’s kind of cool this handsome designer will be revitalizing such a well respected fashion brand.  We’re certainly going to be paying attention to what’s up his sleeve in the years to come.






Photo – Teen Vogue Fashion University




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