A Smart Belt That Loosens Itself After You Eat

Emiota Smart Belt - CES 2015The International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) sure does have a few fun gadgets that even fashion bloggers can enjoy. This product may even be fun for all of the foodies out there!  Imagine a smart belt that loosens itself if you’ve eaten too much!  Yes, it actually exists! French startup company Emiota unveiled their smart fitness belt called “The Belty” last Sunday during CES in Las Vegas.

This smart belt actually adjusts itself throughout the day.  How much you’ve eaten and how much you’ve exercised throughout the day both depend on the belt’s movement.  It also keeps track of the status of your overall health, and nudges you when you’ve been sitting for too long. Can you imagine?

As we all know, the size of your waistline is a key indicator of your health. The Belty comes equipped with small sensors, an accelerator and gyroscope and knows just how much you’ve been moving and whether or not you need to be more active.

The belt connects with an app that charts the data collected throughout each day. The user will receive feedback and suggestions that correspond to how the belt adjusts.  It’s almost like having your personal health coach watch your every move and remind you every minute of the day just how much you are or are not taking care of yourself.

What do you think?  Is this an accessory you could find useful?

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