cScrubs Co-Founded by Troy Duncan and Celina Mziray

Summer is here we all need smooth skin to go with our bikinis and shorts! I have tried many exfoliators and cScrubs is by far the best. cScrubs was co-founded by Troy Duncan and Celina Mziray. It was an honor to interview with Duncan and learn more about one of my favorite beauty brands.

DFN: How would you describe cScrubs?

Duncan: cScrubs are all natural coffee scrubs that target a long list of skin imperfections. cScrubs does all of this while exfoliating, hydrating and moisturizing your skin!

DFN: What was your background before you opened cScrubs? 

Duncan: Sales and marketing.

DFN: What was the hardest part about launching cScrubs?

Duncan: Perfecting the recipes took some trial and error until we were satisfied with the product. So, product development was not easy.

DFN: Where do you see cScrubs in the future?

Duncan: In the future, cScrubs will be available online around the world and on the shelves of pharmacies, natural health stores, yoga studios, gyms and numerous other retail chains.

DFN: What do you love the most about cScrubs?

Duncan: The results!  The results are truly incredible and we stand by our slogan, “It’s Messy…But it Works!”

DFN: What made you want to launch cScrubs?

Duncan:  We saw numerous other scrubs and exfoliators out there that were very plain packaged with nothing fun or exciting about them.  We did not re-invent the wheel but we definitely made it better and we offer a premium product.

DFN: How did you come up with the name cScrubs?

Duncan: First of all, coffee starts with the letter “C.” Secondly, each name of the scrub (Chuck, Carl, Cooper and Chase) starts with the letter “C.” Also, Celina’s name starts with a “C” and she is one is a co-founder of cScrubs. Lots of C’s!

DFN: What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

Duncan: Everything takes work.  Nothing meaningful comes easy.  You get what you put into anything in life.

Actress Vanessa Morgan (My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Finding Carter, and The Shannara Chronicles) uses cScrubs to maintain her gorgeous skin.

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Written by Kelechi Uchendu

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