Christian Dior La France Premier Now Set June 30th

‘Christian Dior, La France’ Premiere Now Set: June 30th

Christian Dior, La France Premiers on TV5MONDE USA

If you’re looking for a good fashion story to lose yourself in, the life and career of iconic fashion designer Christian Dior is explored in Christian Dior, La France, a two-part documentary premiering on TV5MONDE USA on Friday, June 30th.  

The story will air at 11pm ET/8pm PT and Friday, July 7th at 11pm ET/8pm PT. Directed by French screenwriter and producer, Frédéric Mitterrand, this inspirational film will take a look at the couture designs and the lavish lifestyle of Christian Dior himself. Viewers will see how Dior revolutionized the fashion world and expanded his brand to include luxury goods including highly sought after glorious scents and accessories.

More on this insightful documentary and TV5MONDE USA’s summer programming can be found by clicking here.












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