How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions in the Summer

How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions in the Summer


Eyelash extensions offer a wonderful way to increase the volume of our natural lashes and complete our looks. However, caring for them can be a bit difficult when summer rolls around. Though this seems like it would be the ideal time of year to flaunt your perfected personal style, it can be the most harmful time for your lashes. In fact, the summer heat, sweat, and humidity all affect eyelash extensions in negative ways. So, learning how to care for your eyelash extensions in the summer is key to making them last through the season.

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Just spending time outdoors can make dirt and debris fly up into your lashes and get stuck. These things can reduce the effectiveness of your extension adhesive and cause them to loosen or even fall off. Because of this, it’s recommended that you wash your eyelash extensions with a specialized foam cleanser at least two to three times a week. Make sure though that you aren’t over-washing or handling them too roughly, though, as this could have the same negative effect.

Don’t Use Sunscreen Over Eye Areas

While sunscreen is crucial during the summer months, it can also potentially reduce the longevity of your lashes when applied directly to the hairs. Much like the effect that dirt has on extension adhesive, both natural and artificial oils cling to the glue and lessen the hold it has on the lashes. Sunscreen, in order to absorb properly into the skin, is primarily made with oil. So, when applying sunscreen on your face, make sure you only use it sparsely around your eyes and protect yourself with sunglasses.

Avoid Excessive Humidity

Another important way to care for your eyelash extensions in the summer is to steer clear of areas with high levels of humidity. While humidity is generally good for applying eyelash extensions, as it helps with the drying process, too much can cause your adhesive to become tacky and sticky. Because of this, you must develop an understanding of how humidity affects your adhesive so that you can best limit your exposure if needed.

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