How To Improve Your Skincare Routine for the Fall

How To Improve Your Skincare Routine for the Fall


The transition from summer to fall can be incredibly jarring. Not only do we have cooler outdoor temperatures to contend with, but we also need to take the time to switch out our wardrobes to accommodate them. However, your clothes aren’t the only thing you should be worried about in the fall. In fact, your number one focus should actually be on your skin. This is how to improve your skincare routine for the fall why it’s important to do so for your complexion.

Change Your Moisturizer

As the weather cools, there’s less humidity in the air to keep our skin moisturized. This can quickly cause our complexions to dry out and make it much more difficult to maintain healthy-looking skin. As such, one of the most important things you can do during this season is to switch to a thicker moisturizer. Creamier products with a higher amount of hyaluronic acid will help your face better attract and retain the moisture that it needs and prevent dryness from occurring.

Continue Wearing Sunscreen

There are several reasons why you should continue wearing sunscreen even though you aren’t spending as much time in direct sunlight. One of them being that the sun is still having contact with your skin—despite the cloudy weather. It’s a very common misconception that the sun isn’t as harsh when it’s cool out, but as long as UV rays can reach your skin, they’re still causing potential damage. Because of this, it’s vital that you keep applying your summer sunscreen as you did before.

Use Products With Vitamin C

When improving your skincare routine for the fall, you should also start using more products that contain vitamin C. As previously mentioned, sun protection is still crucial during the fall months. For this reason, you should be supplying your skin with as many UV-blocking nutrients as possible to help preserve your healthy complexion. Vitamin C helps boost the protective barrier around your cells themselves, allowing them to prevent damage from the rays that slip past your sunscreen.

Cut Down on Exfoliants

You should also make sure that you’re reducing how often you use exfoliants. Since the fall climate dries out your skin much faster, the last thing you need is to use a product that will dry it out more. Exfoliants, while great for removing impurities, tend to sap moisture from your cells along with the dirt and oil. So, you’ll want to only use them a few times a week rather than every day.

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