5 Fun Hair Color Ideas for Winter

5 Fun Hair Color Ideas for Winter

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with lighter hair colors, but by the end of fall, those sun-kissed highlights aren’t too convincing. Michigan winters are brutal, with cold air, grey skies, and short days. Chances are the sun isn’t doing too much kissing here for a while.

But even in all those short cloudy days, there is a bright side here somewhere. This winter is the perfect time to explore darker, richer colors suited to the days and nights indoors. That could be a deep chocolate brown, a lustrous black, or even dark hair as a backdrop for some unorthodox splashes of color! Look through these hair color ideas for winter to find the one that’s right for your hair and your personality.

Touches of Color

If going completely dark doesn’t fit your outlook on life, consider some non-traditional highlights set against a black or dark brown base. Highlights in teal, purple, burgundy, or even a silvery blue will leap off the canvas of dark hair. The effect is low-key and eye-catching at the same time.

All Black

It only stands to reason that the opposite of summer calls for the opposite of blonde, right? After your summer highlights have grown out and you’ve used autumn to go natural for a bit, winter is the time to take the plunge into your deepest color yet. But there’s more to dyeing your hair black than pulling a box off a shelf. You’ll need to find just the right kind of gloss and undertones for your hair and complexion.

Copper Highlights

Copper, bronze, or toffee highlights could make for a warm wintry counterpart to summer blonde highlights. These will give your hair depth while still feeling seasonally appropriate. If you’ve been too shy to embrace red highlights, the muted reddish tones of copper highlights should give you nothing to fear or doubt.


Warm colors work for winter on most people, but others may want to use the season to embrace something cooler. A smoky, icy violet color could take the color palette of an overcast Midwestern winter and make it stylish. The notes of blue and grey are certainly seasonally appropriate.

Fifty Shades of Brown

Indecisive? An assortment of dark browns together could radiate warmth here in the cold. From chocolate brown to a golden brown and everything in between, the richness and depth of a multi-toned brown treatment could be just right for a long winter.

One of these approaches may work for you, but these are only a few of our hair color ideas for winter—just enough to get you thinking about more ideas before you commit. Don’t be afraid to find more visual inspirations and consult your stylist for the best approach to a perfect winter hairstyle.

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