The Perfect Nail Colors for Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Nail Colors for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, there are some perfect nail colors that you’ll fall in love with. Whether you’re going out with the friends you love or on a date with your significant other, you’ll want gorgeous nails that pop with color. Celebrate the day of love and learn about the perfect nail colors for Valentine’s Day by reading below.

Ruby Red

Any red nail polish is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Ruby is a great hue because it’s a bit brighter than standard red nail polish. Its vibrancy will really stand out.

Candy Heart Pastels

Try pastels inspired by candy heart colors like peach, baby blue, lilac, light yellow, and seafoam green. Choose one color or mix and match for something unique.


Purple, in general, has become more common for Valentine’s Day. Fuchsia is a fun, flirty hue to try out this year. It’s the perfect blend of red, pink, and purple.

Deep Plum

A dark purple, or plum, is another lovely shade to experiment with. Find one with some shimmer to it for a sultry look.

Bubble Gum Pink

Bubble gum pink is one of the perfect nail colors for Valentine’s Day because it’s exciting and playful. It’s a great shade for a daytime Valentine’s gathering like brunch with your gals.


Mauve is a soft, pale purple which makes it a great choice for a simple outing or casual first date. It’s a subdued way to bring purple into your V-day accessorizing.

Snowy White

Embrace the romantic feel of a snowy night in with your loved one by trying a bright white. Snowy white is a popular winter nail color and looks great with any outfit.

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a shade of pink that gives off a vintage, dreamy vibe. It looks great when paired with gold accessories and white lace attire.

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