Popular Men’s Haircuts Stylists Should Know This Summer

It’s summertime, and your clients are ready to look their best! Here are some of the trendiest cuts and styles you’ll need to know to keep them looking fresh.

Popular Men’s Haircuts Stylists Should Know This Summer


What do men consider a good summer haircut? Something tight and cropped on the sides to maximize airflow or a low maintenance cut that allows for little to no styling? For most men, the period from their last haircut to the next can be awkward, as they have only two to four weeks of looking their best before it grows back and loses shape.

As their stylist, you’re here to save the day. Turning to you for all things hair, your clients depend on you to have them looking right! These popular men’s haircuts stylists should know this summer are guaranteed to bring on the heat.

High and Tight

This cut is one of the most popular and versatile. Using a lower guard, cut the hair shorter on the sides but not too close to the skin. Leave length at the top and texture with grooming scissors as needed.

Buzz Cut

A go-to for many, the buzz cut is the simplest haircut and requires the least amount of maintenance. This is a short cut, uniform all around, that accentuates your client’s facial features.

Crew Cut

This style resembles the buzz cut but has slightly longer hair on top, squared off at the crown towards the corners to provide a military-grade look.

Flat Top

This classic cut is known for its tapered sides that fade into a boxy top, which starts at the crown.

Curly Taper Fade

Like the “high and tight,” this cut features a skin-tight fade that leaves height on top. This style showcases your client’s curl texture and patterns. Utilize a curl cream or gel to maintain curl definition.


Catering to those who enjoy different lengths, the undercut features a short buzz on the sides while maintaining a significant length that serves as a high contrast point. In addition, it’s an excellent way to make the hair feel lightweight.

Pompadour Skin Fade

The pompadour uses the same fade technique and length preservation as the “high and tight” and centers on leaving the front of the hair longer than the rest. To style, comb the length back and use a pomade to hold.

On-trend and universally attractive, these popular men’s haircuts stylists should know this summer will showcase your clients in their most flattering light. When you pair these cuts with product recommendations, your clients will leave your chair feeling like they’re the most attractive in the room.

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