The Worst Makeup Ingredients You Should Avoid

If you suffer from chronic acne, your makeup may be the pore-clogging culprit. Click here to learn more about the worst makeup ingredients to avoid.

The Worst Makeup Ingredients You Should Avoid


If you’ve ever noticed that wearing certain makeup products induces painful breakouts or dry skin, then the formulas you’re wearing could be highly damaging to your health. In this blog, we’re discussing some of the worst makeup ingredients you should avoid.


Parabens are one of the worst ingredients you could find in any cosmetic product. This preservative chemical is highly damaging to your skin’s health. Parabens mimic estrogen, which, when combined with your skin, can create hormonal imbalances.

Although most people assume the harmful side effects of this chemical make it rare to find in cosmetic products, parabens are highly common. In fact, according to the FDA, you can find parabens in up to 70 percent of cosmetics.


There’s a reason why including phthalates in cosmetic formulas is illegal in the EU. This chemical compound is a color additive used in many US color cosmetic products. However, studies have linked this chemical to issues involving endocrine disruption and carcinogenic properties.

Similar to parabens, the harsh properties of phthalates do not make this ingredient any less prevalent in cosmetic products. Consumers can easily find phthalates in eyeshadow palettes and blushes.


If you’ve ever seen a makeup product advertised as antimicrobial, you may want to avoid these products. This is because antimicrobial formulas often contain a harmful ingredient known as triclosan, commonly linked to thyroid issues.

Not only has triclosan been linked to several different health issues, but these ingredients are also incredibly irritating to the skin. As a result, using makeup products with these formulas will likely lead to acne breakouts or blemishes.

Synthetic Fragrances

Manufacturers often include various synthetic fragrances into their product formulas to make their makeup appear more appealing.

However, many consumers do not realize that “fragrance” is an umbrella term used by manufacturers. Companies can use several different chemicals and categorize each of these unknown additives as a fragrance.

As a result, makeup products with fragrance ingredients are one of the most common causes of clogged pores.

Although your skin may not smell as fresh or floral, choosing products without fragrance ingredients will help keep your skin healthy.

Don’t compromise the health of your skin for cosmetic beauty. Instead, review this list of the worst makeup ingredients you should avoid and opt for more natural formulas.

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