Things Brides Forget When Planning Their Wedding

It’s typically the most-needed things that brides forget when planning their wedding, but this quick list has a few reminders to help the process go smoothly.

Things Brides Forget When Planning Their Wedding


The chaos of planning a wedding without a planner brings bride fatigue and unnecessary stress. When the state of fear sets in for all that a wedding entails, things get left behind and often neglected. Commonly, it’s the small yet valuable details that fall off the wagon first.

Remember the Rings & License

Two of the most vital things brides forget when planning their wedding is assigning someone to ring and license duty. These two items alone can make or break your big day, and the betrothed have a million things on their mind. Delegate this task to somebody near you most of the day or who you feel is most responsible. After all, no license means no marriage.

Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Consider preparing a mini emergency kit with all the things that pop up in a pinch. Generally speaking, this applies to the entire bridal party. Fashion faux pas can happen the day of; unfortunately, you cannot rely on anyone attending to come prepared for you. Think about things like:

  • Fashion tape
  • Hair accessories (pins, ties, clips)
  • Mini needle and thread

Bring Comfy Footwear

Swap your fancy shoes out for comfy shoes once you complete the ceremony and professional photos. You want the ability to move freely with your guests and keep up without blistering or aching. While the sparkly heels are worth it, so are the dancing flats.

Prepare Enough Time for Gown Alterations

A quickly forgotten yet essential part of wedding gown 101 is preparing time after you order the dress to make all necessary alterations. The week before your wedding is not the most appropriate time to get the entire thing properly fitted. Once the dress is in at the shop, you want to ensure you have at least three months to make any fit changes.

It takes a lot for the big day to finally come together; however, the things brides forget when planning their wedding are often avoidable. If you have a bride in your life, offer a helping hand—she needs it more than you know.

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