82 counterfeit retail sites busted

Thank goodness a few days ago, 82 websites were shut down by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security.  All guilty of selling counterfeit apparel and accessories, the sites were selling items promising they were the real thing when the items were clearly not.  It’s hard to prove how much the websites earned exactly but one government official said they were “thriving”, according to styleite.com.

Domains which included the names “LouisVuittonOutlet” and “RealTimberland.com” were seized and have been shut down just in time for the Holidays. Great news fore the fashion industry and for those looking to purchase high end exclusive gifts for their loved ones.  Even though most of the sites were registered in the U.S. it has been proven many of them were working sites out of China. Thank you Homeland Security, we love that your looking out for the fashion iundustry!

Photo – Courtesy of fashionbombdaily.com

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