A colorful Fall collection by J Crew

The colorful womenswear selection of J Crew’s Fall collection has our heads spinning out of control!  They have introduced jewel and neutral toned tops with plum and pink colored trousers both in flare and cropped cuts. It’s all about mismatching this year like never before (hence the photo).  It takes a lot of fashionable guts and trend know-how to put stripes with florals and wear pinks with plums, especially in the Fall when most are used to wearing less vibrant colors. In a blink of an eye, maxi dresses came and went and are now back again.  J Crew is introducing mid length skirts along with daring sequined maxi’s all to give fashion lovers “to die for” luxury pieces.

As far as menswear, J Crew is introducing less color for the handsome men out there and are dressing up the average mechanic or woodsy hunter into Ivy League hotness.  Nothing like taking a “bad boy” and putting him in squeaky clean clothes.  Here’s a lesson even fashion can teach you;  never judge a book by it’s cover!

Photo – Courtesy of J Crew

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