Tassels and fringe

Tassels and fringe are popping up on a variety of accessories this season.  From handbags to earrings, scarves and belts,  fringe and tassels make accessorizing fun. We’ve seen tasseled earrings on the red carpet and fringed handbags on celebrities and fans alike since last Fall.  Most recently though,  tasseled jewelry is becoming a bit more vintage looking in gold finishes with a feminine feel. This season,  many of the tasseled jewelry pieces are themed resembling looks from the 70’s hippie era and ancient Egypt inspired looks .  Whichever you choose, fringe or tasseled metals can give your look a very “art deco” feel without looking like your trying too hard.

Photo – Gold Gradient fringed earrings by Losselliani Jewelry, $298.00, www.azaleasf.com

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