Key Holiday trends from Karen Kane

When the cold air arrives and the seasons change, it’s time to rethink our wardrobe.  Layers and warmer fabrics start to become a necessity and finding the right outfit for upcoming Holiday parties is crucial as well. Karen Kane has a fashionably fabulous collection perfect for both the cooler temperatures and those oh so glam Holiday parties.



Karen Kane has put together ten Holiday trends that will keep you comfy and festive during the Holiday season. Here is a list of Karen Kane’s key Holiday trends.

  •  #1 – Blazers are an absolute wardrobe “must have”.  Karen Kane offers this great three button structured knit blazer which goes great with jeans, slacks and as shown above, a sequined pencil skirt.  This blazer is easy to transfer from day to night by changing what you wear on the bottom.
  • #2 – Did you know it’s okay to sparkle in sequins both day and night?  Yet another great transitional piece, this long sleeve shimmery tee will look great at a playdate or at your Aunt’s Holiday cookie party.  Either way, you’ll shine! Karen Kane makes shimmer look effortless and chic.
  • #3 & #4 – Where would we be without our hats and scarves?  Accessorizing is a must especially when our accessories keep us warm.  Not only do these hats and scarves look great but they’re  a winter necessity as well. Looking to update your look? Up date your wardrobe with a snood in place of an old-fashioned knit scarf.  Snoods can be worn five different warm and trendy ways.  Once you buy one, it’s an accessory you won’t want to live without.
  • #5 – Fur trim jackets, blazers and sweaters are sexy hot and this Karen Kane fur trim jacket is fun and youthful without going overboard.  Fur trim jackets used to be worn only during special occasions, but now it’s acceptable to wear faux fur any time you wish.
  • #6 – Winter dresses, especially covered in sequins, are my favorite kind of dresses!  A lady must always have a dress ready to go for that one special night that sneaks up on her.  It’s also important to have a dress that makes you feel like a movie star and this one will do just that!
  • #7 – We all know cropped jackets have been on trend for quite some time.  But adding a little sparkle or a lot of sequins like this Karen Kane jacket sure does brighten up the cropped look.  I love this jacket because I know I can wear it with everything I own.  Yes everything.  Think out of the box, get out of your comfort zone and pair this jacket with jeans, a day dress, sexy short shorts, a pencil skirt, slacks and even an evening gown! This is a versatile piece that won’t steer you wrong.
  • #8 – Pencil skirts are also on trend.  Karen Kane added a front ruffle to add a more feminine feel to her design. It’s black/silver metallic sheen is a glamorous look and can also be effortlessly transitioned from day to night.
  • #9 – Every gal needs a comfy sweater.  Karen Kane has a wide variety of sweaters and knits for comfy days, special occasions and sexy date nights.
  • #10 – History always repeats itself, especially in fashion. Start out 2012 with a retro feel and bring back soft pretty bows, polka dots and dreamy, flirty fabrics.  There’s nothing more feminine than soft styles that make a woman look and feel beautiful.
To view more of Karen Kane’s Holiday Collection including wardrobe necessities, apparel and a store locator visit Karen Kane today. To enter a $100 off giveaway on our sister site for the month of December enter here.


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