5 Ways to Incorporate Leather Into Any Wardrobe

Black-on-Black Leather


One of fall’s most dominant trends is black-on-black leather.  This tough look may be too strong for some, but we insist on everyone trying it little by little at first.  It’s almost a given you’ll fall in love with leather and start to wear it more and more once you give it a try.  All you need to do it slowly add leather pieces to your daily wardrobe that are appropriate for your travels and your confidence level.  Whether you’re going to work or a PTG meeting, leather can look bad girl hot or classy and stylish, sometimes it can even do both.  Below are five ways to incorporate leather into your wardrobe.

  • Leather Vest – A black leather vest worn with a white button down blouse and a pencil skirt or even slacks, will make a statement anywhere you go.  Wear it like its the best accessory you have, pop your collar and through on some heels, your leather vest just moved into your favorite wardrobe piece.
  • Pencil Skirt – Pencil skirts are a wardrobe staple for everybody.  Perfect for work and for date night, the pencil skirt hugs you in all the right places and slims down naturally along the leg accentuating your natural femininity.  If you’re ready to take the plunge and wear a leather pencil skirt, you just might want to wear it everyday.
  • Leather Jacket – Leather jackets used to get bad reps.  People always associated them with tattoos, whiskey and a whole lot of hog ridin’.  Did I just say that? Well, although hog riders do need to wear leather for safety and warmth this hasn’t been true for the average shopper for years!  Leather jackets have become again, a staple in the wardrobe of many and the details of the right jacket can really make your outfit stand out and scream, “I am woman”!  Leather jackets today are appropriate no matter where you go.  Just make sure the look, fit and selected style, fit in to your daily routine.  If you’re heading to work, try a jacket with ruffles down the zipper for a feminine flair or banded collar and minimal hardware to soften your look. Going out at night? Well, there’s no stopping what you can wear when it comes to a leather jacket.  Be sure whichever style you choose, is a perfect example of who you are.  Remember, our clothes represent who we are and what we stand for.
  • Leather Shorts – Truly it’s no question leather shorts are for the confident diva’s out there that have no problem strutting their stuff.  Shorts and tights are fun for fall, wear them with a pair of black heels and a comfy over the shoulder sweater and you’ve got yourself a new fall look that will bring lots of compliments your way.
  • Leather Pants – Leather pants, again, are for the confident fashionistas.  You know you want to try them, go ahead buy a pair, strut them on your next night out and feel great about yourself.  Leather pants just seem to ooze confidence.  Just make sure the pants are the statement piece and what you wear on top is a tad more subtle.  You don’t want to look like you’re trying to hard.
There you have it.  Black-on-black leather is certainly hot, it also can be the one main wardrobe choice that saves you both day and night when you’re digging in your closet looking for something great to wear. Not into real leather and are a full supporter of PETA?  That’s ok, many, if not all designers, create faux leather in the clothing pieces mentioned above so you can stay true to your beliefs, protect animals and look hot at the same time!
Shannon Lazovski is the CEO of SoGlam Media & Founder/Editor of Detroit Fashion News.  Find out more about Shannon here.


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