Sensible Summer Shoes at Kmart

Have you ever thought about Kmart when you’re ready to buy a new pair of shoes?  Summertime fun has approached us and you might want to think about going somewhere for shoes that’s affordable with cute selections. When you’re traveling with the family, a sensible shoe may be just what you need.  Kmart offers designer shoes by Thom McAN, Bongo, Route 66, Athletech, Selena Gomez and Basic Editions.  These brands (and many more) specialize in comfort, support and manageable heel lengths.  Here are a few we thought you might be interested in for your next trip “up north”.  Save the 6 inch heels for date night and go cute and realistic for Summer fun days with the family.  You’re feet and back will thank you and you might get a few compliments along the way.


White Bungee Gladiator Sandal by Selena Gomez, $17.99


Bongo Sandal, Guiliana, $14.99


Yoki Karylle Caged Tan Sandal, $24.99


Jaclyn Smith Atalia Wide Strap Wedge, $22.99


Basic Editions Sandal, $10.99

spin_prod_926430412Athletech Sandal Aven, $12.99


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