ALDO Launches Fall/Winter 2015 Global Campaign; Inspiration is Everywhere

AldoALDO recently launched their Fall/Winter 2015 global campaign, “Inspiration Is Everywhere”. The campaign celebrates individual inspiration and features a diverse cast of personalities, including TV personality and model Irene Kim, and DJ Will Power.  The cast of the campaign was specifically chosen for personal style and creative expressions representing a range of experiences and lifestyles. TV personality and model Irene Kim, artist Phoebe Collings-James, director Sandra Winther, model/musician Staz Lindes and actress Fabianne Therese are all styled in their own aesthetics. DJ Will Power, ballet dancer Joshua Thew, community creative Olu Alege, and radiologist/home improvement blogger Chris Nicholas give off a masculine take on the selected theme. It’s a fun collaboration because ALDO showcases what it is that inspires their personal style.

“Inspiration Is Everywhere” is an evolution of the work ALDO has been focused on over the past few seasons. ALDO likes to empower their customers to express themselves and to wear their inspiration proudly. To reflect this collaboration, the campaign is presented as a diptych: two side-by-side images that play off each other visually and conceptually,” explains Douglas Bensadoun, Chief Creative Officer for ALDO. “On one side, there’s an introspective and impassioned portrait by Matteo Montanari, showcasing the individual and their personal style. On the other, a still life photographed by Bela Borsodi, playfully irreverent and abstract, bringing their inspirations to life. Together they work in harmony, giving the full story of the individual and what it is that inspires them.”

The launch is supported by a tactical worldwide marketing campaign across a long list of channels including print, digital, and social media outlets. To shop the collection you can click here. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter @DetFashionNews and ALDO @Aldo_shoes to stay on top of the campaign as well as fun updates regarding ALDO and their amazing shoes & accessories.


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