Choose OYOBox to Organize your Shades


Do you have your sunglasses lying around on the kitchen counters and scattered throughout your car?  Are you struggling to find your favorite pair when it’s time to walk out the door? Well now our friends at OYOBox have a solution. They’ve clearly thought of us with this neat little invention.

OYOBox is the perfect decorative yet purposeful staple for any shelf. OYOBox is a stylish, sleek home for both your prescription glasses and designer sunglasses. OYOBox makes it easy for you to shop your collection of eyewear and interact with it as you please. The beautiful box has a shatterproof glass top window, stainless steel ball hinges, washable interior and a durable lacquer finish. OYOBOx is hand-crafted and available in vibrant, fashionable colors and sophisticated wood finishes for every personality and décor.  It also costs less than one pair of luxury glasses and start at $250.

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