UglyFly Republic: Soft Spirits and Wild Hearts

Ugly Fly RepublicWhen we hear about people following their dreams and letting their talents lead them into success, we get all fuzzy and warm inside. As a soft spirit, Monai created Ugly Fly Republic with two goals in mind; one, reflect the free-spirited flow of her very Being and two, to go beyond what the everyday person dreams is attainable. In a world of fads and trends, Ugly Fly Republic aims to break the standards in fashion and stereotypes. An, emerging street artist and creator of Ugly Fly Republic Monai Alexis has finally graced us with her talents in the fashion world and has taken a break from canvases to display her art on clothing.
The Ugly Fly brand is for the eccentric art appreciator.  It’s for the risk-takers we all secretly admire, who live outside the box and the lovers of fashion who aim to eliminate the borders associated with clothing. Seen on widely-known artists such as Young Thug and Mack Maine of Young Money, Ugly Fly Republic is spreading their mantra of individuality. Very quickly.
Ugly Fly RepublicMonai has included jeans, shirts, dresses, sweaters and outerwear to the UglyFly Republic brand. Each piece is hand-made and carefully constructed as UglyFly Republic believes and stands for true quality over quantity.
For more information and to learn more about the brand, click here to check out their website and shop UglyFly!
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