Is Hillary Clinton's Wardrobe Enough?

Hillary ClintonThe presidential candidates sure are making headlines these days. Due to their controversial ways, I feel the need to refrain from discussing how I truly feel about each of them. I’d like to play it safe and simply discuss the wardrobe of Hillary Clinton instead.
It’s true Hillary Clinton has seen positive and negative press regarding her clothing choices. Personally, I don’t think she’s winning the race based on wardrobe. As a fellow woman though, I do feel bad she has taking some heat for a little weight gain. It’s hard to find your “fashion identity” when one gains weight and it’s hard to find your confidence again when realizing you’re in a new size. Sometimes extra weight gain puts one in such a different size, it forces you to change your style altogether. Change in weight is certainly not easy.
Clinton has at least moved beyond the monochromatic pantsuit. She’s wearing long jackets (why?????), bold colors with black pants and stand up collars. She’s even thrown in an occasional trench here and there during her travels, which is a huge step up.
Although she is dressing a tad more modern, she certainly isn’t close enough to compare to Michelle Obama, Jackie O or Melania Trump when it comes to style. But should Hillary dress like the other leading women? Some seem to think she’s doing just fine and her recent subtle wardrobe changes are enough.
“The aesthetic is clean, very polished,” said Corey Roche, a Los Angeles stylist. “It has evolved and into a good place. When you go back to when Bill was in office she was all over the place.”
I may not be enjoying her wardrobe as much as others but Clinton’s clothes are getting noticed and getting better reviews more than ever before. The white ensemble Clinton wore on July 28th during her party’s presidential nomination received glorious reviews. I must admit, the color choice was excellent as the white popped from the red and blue backdrop.
It’s clear that Clinton has some bragging rights when it comes to relationships with fashion professionals. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is one of her many fashion advisors, Marc Jacobs has created T-shirts for Clinton’s online store and fundraisers for Clinton have been hosted by famous designers Eileen Fisher and Tory Burch. So none the less, she does have the right people around her. But, are they doing enough?
Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel about Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe. Is she dressing the part? Is it enough for you? We’d love to hear from you.
Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM, AFP/Getty Images

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