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360Fashion & Tech Exhibition “Visibility and Mobility”

On Friday, we attended an exhibition on smart garments, accessories and E-Textiles hosted by Lear Corporation and Detroit Garment Group, presented by Anina Net of 360Fashion Network. The event took place at the Lear Innovation Center and a fun yet informative day was scheduled for those interested in learning more about wearable tech and E-Textile LED ribbon with presentations, an LED ribbon workshop and product demonstrations.

The exhibition was the first of it’s kind in Michigan and showcased fashion designer’s technology creations from around the world. Here are a few products that caught our eye:

LED Ribbon


LED ribbon and lighting is a fun, innovative way for fashion designers to integrate lighting into their garments and accessories. LED ribbon, as noted in the first photo is bendable, comes with its own battery and a controller with five different lighting effects.

Robotic Dress

The Robotic Dress was created in cooperation with Poland’s Couture designer, Michael Starost and technician Bruce Bateman, one of the world’s leading technologists together and Maker Collider with 360Fashion Network. The dress consists of a switch button that activates the motion, a servo motor and a controller.


Motion Dress by RFactory

The Motion Dress by RFactory reacts to movements such as walking or dancing. A red carpet dress that lights up to the viewers surprise using a motion sensor and 16 LED ribbons including organza and tulle. This dress was worn by Kong Xiao Ming in the movie directed by Chris Zuan Liu, called “Nan Gong Zhu – Mr. Princess”.


Status Notification Jacket

This notification jacket uses an E-Textile system to control a stick pin on the lapel of the garment.  The concept is to use sewn textile buttons on the sleeve that are soft and washable, which are connected to the circuit of the stick pin to translate the wearer’s availability. The opinion was noted that computing is getting in the way of everyday life yet this design was created to enhance your everyday life to allow you to interact with the people around you instead of staring at a handheld device or screen. The red button stands for “I’m busy, don’t bother me”, yellow stands for “I’m kind of busy, only interrupt me if it’s important”, and so on. SOS communication and music are two other ideas this design can support. There is only one other company in the world that has created a garment like this and that company is Google.


This reflective QR outfit that Aurelien Lecout designed for the Mobile Asia Expo is a design like you’ve never seen. The reflective QR design reflects in light for safety and recognition of whereabouts at night and in the dark.

There you have it, our favorites from the smart garments, accessories and E-Textiles exhibition hosted by Lear Corporation and Detroit Garment Group, presented by Anina Net of 360Fashion.For ten years, 360Fashion has applied the latest technologies to fashion to help brands better communicate with their customers. The technologies 360Fashion represents easily integrates into a brands traditional marketing materials: print, retail, events, social media, and clothing. Their solutions inspire for a brighter future with wearable tech that both impresses and supports the progressive future of technology and clothing.

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