The Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit Brings Strand to Design Dare Challenge

Strand Will Bring Unity and Strength to Detroit Design Dare Challenge

As we unite this evening in support of the Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit’s 2D3D Hero Design Dare Challenge, let us also support the idea of unity and community strength with Strand. In the African bead, we find a symbol of unity in diversity: each bead stands alone as an extraordinary work of art, and together, the beads form an even greater whole. In creating Strand, Everard Findlay collaborated with Olayami Dabls, creator of MBAD African Bead Museum.

Everard Findlay

For this exercise, participants this evening will each choose a single bead from Dabls’ collection to add to a long strand, representing unity among diverse people. This action will be repeated in many iterations at different venues in Detroit but will also be a unique part of our gathering this evening.


Detroit is a city in which the collective future depends upon a dedication to unity across race, class, culture and creed, and a connection to community larger than ourselves. Together, we will form a new tradition rooted in history, showing a path forward to greater connection and empathy, to an awareness of our shared humanity. Please consider joining us in purchasing a bead this evening for just $5.00 while in attendance at Mm-O-Dd’s Design Dare Challenge to create the strongest Strand ever made.



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