DIY: Brilliant Ways To Use Old Mismatched Socks

Brilliant Ways To Use Old Mismatched Socks


Where socks disappear to in the laundry is one of the world’s great unexplainable mysteries. As a result of this phenomenon, people around the world have a collection of single socks with no purpose. 

Fortunately, we live in the age of upcycling and DIY fashion projects. Here are some brilliant ways to use your mismatched socks to create something new.

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Make Arm and Leg Warmers


If you have longer mismatched socks or warm fuzzy socks that you would hate to dispose of, use them to make arm and leg warmers. These work really well if you have team branded socks from Elite Sports Socks as you can save the logo and stick various mismatched socks together to make matching leg warmers.

While leg and arm warmers are a faded fashion fad from years gone by, they’re still a functional piece to own. You can wear arm warmers if you work in a chilly office or need to be able to text while waiting for the bus. Leg warmers come in handy for athletes who wear shorts during rest periods.

Make a Sock Scarf


A bright, colorful scarf can add a touch of whimsy and fun to any fall or winter look. Cut the toes off your mismatched socks and sew them together for a fun, patchwork style fashion accessory. You can even sew them into a cowl-style scarf that children can wear without the risk of it getting caught on anything. Accentuate the ends of your sock scarf with ribbons, lace, or button snake eyes for kids.

For a non-fashion alternative, sew your socks together in the same manner and fill them with sand. You can use this repurposed sock scarf as an effective draft blocker by your doors or windows. Alternatively, swap the sand for rice or oats and make a heating bag that can soothe your aching shoulders or warm your sheets.

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Sew a DIY Headband


Mismatched socks can be repurposed into a DIY infinity headband. This project takes limited sewing skills, making it easy to put together a few different options. These ear-warming headbands make great gifts and can save you money on winter apparel.

For each headband, you’ll need three socks. It’s up to you to choose if you want complimentary or contrasting socks. You can even use matching socks with holes in them for this project. Enhance the look by adding a few well-placed buttons or bows. These headbands are also great for babies when sewn together without added decorations. 

Use Them as Sewing Patches


Don’t throw out your old jackets or jeans just because they have a hole in them. Instead, use your mismatched socks as sewing patches. This project adds a fun, boho-inspired look to your attire, and kids will love the pop of color.

Choose your favorite socks and cut them in a circle slightly larger than the tear you’re covering. Turn the clothing inside out and sew the patch on the inside. By adding a sock patch, you’ll not only add a fun pop of color, but you’ll also prevent the tear from expanding. 

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Make Pet Clothing


The humans in your family aren’t the only ones who can benefit from upcycling mismatched socks. Make some fashion accessories for your furry friends as well.

Mismatched socks can be repurposed into booties for your dog to protect the pads of their feet from hot pavement or winter ice. You can repurpose colorful or patterned socks into a sweater for your small dog or a bandana for a larger breed. 

For your animals who don’t like wearing things, make a new toy with your mismatched sock using catnip or stuffing.

There are plenty of things you can do with mismatched socks to keep them out of a landfill. Get creative and make one of these brilliant DIY sock projects. 


Written by Ashley Lipman


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