Ways You May be Accidentally Damaging Your Clothes

Ways You May be Accidentally Damaging Your Clothes


Clothing is fairly delicate, which means careful care is required to keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, many people accidentally damage their clothing without realizing it. Despite spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on clothing each year, people often engage in numerous careless acts that harm their clothing overtime—sometimes beyond repair. To extend the life of your favorite pieces, avoid these ways you may be accidentally damaging your clothes.

Washing All Your Clothing in Hot Water

Just like clothing can shrink in the heat of the dryer, it can also shrink in hot water. As such, washing all your clothing in hot water could damage it over time. Clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton and wool is especially prone to shrinking when exposed to heat. As such, you should take the time to separate them from your other laundry and wash them in cool water to keep them in good condition.

Hanging Knitted Clothing Items

A common clothing mishap that people make is hanging their knitted clothing items. Using hangers to hold your knitted clothing can distort the fabric over time. As gravity pulls the clothing down, knitted items often develop saggy shoulders where they sit on the hanger. To prevent your knitted clothing from losing its shape, fold it gently and store it in a drawer or on a shelf with plenty of room instead.

Storing Clothing Incorrectly

As the weather warms up, you may be starting to store your winter clothing elsewhere to free up some room in your closet. While you may be inclined to simply shove them in a box and toss them in your attic, it’s important to take the time to properly store your winter clothing.

To do so, start by washing your clothing to prevent any lingering oils or residue from settling into fabric and causing discoloration. Then, place them in a spacious container where they have plenty of room to breathe and won’t lose their shape. Finally, store them in an area of your home that is dry and dark to prevent mold from growing on it or sunlight from bleaching it.

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