Men’s Summer Fashion Trends for 2020

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends for 2020


Summer will be here soon and that means warmer temperatures, sunny days, and lots of time spent outside. Every season, there are new fashion trends to stay on top of and keep up with. Some are better than others, of course, largely because everyone has their own personal taste and style. Take these men’s summer fashion trends for 2020 and incorporate them into your own style and wardrobe. Hit the streets looking and feeling good in some fresh new threads.

Cross-Body Bags

Keep your phone, wallet, and other stuff in a cross-body bag. There are large messenger style bags or something small and tidy; either way, they are a great way to protect your things in a fashionable way. The straps are adjustable, or you can add your own touch and tie a knot in it. These are a fashionable and practical way to take your things with you.

Cuban Collar Shirts

Summer brings hot weather, and no one knows how to dress better in the summer heat than Cubans. Cuban collar shirts let the breeze get against your skin and cool you off. A distinctive collar and short sleeves are an easy way to jazz up an outfit and make a statement. They come in bold prints and solid colors, so you’ll find something that speaks to you. Keep the colors light in the summer sun and pair them with some shades.


The 1970s are having another comeback with flared-out pants, also known as bell bottoms. A thin upper leg and uber exaggerated ankle was the signature style for pants and jeans back in the day. Keep the 70s look going with a slim-fitting shirt or make it more contemporary with a lightweight hoodie and t-shirt. Whatever you put on top, these flares will stretch out your super long look.

Over the Knee Shorts

Snug and short is going away, and oversized and baggy looks are coming back. Over the knee shorts deliver the ultimate in comfort and casual. They are the best way to keep yourself mostly covered and stay cool in the summer heat. Complete the look with an open shirt and some fresh kicks.

Relaxed Suits

Not all tailoring has to be custom and tight, so hit the summer nights with a relaxed suit. They are made from cooler summer fabrics and will help let the breeze in and the heat down. Wearing a formal outfit in a relaxed setting never felt or looked so good. Along with the suit, wearing sneakers and a white t-shirt will keep the look relaxed and keep you from looking like you’re wearing your dad’s suit.

Shield Sunglasses

Protect your eyes and channel your inner Terminator, by picking up some shield sunglasses. The Gargoyle-style, massive sunglasses are back in a big way. Futuristic-looking with sleek lines, these shades look a lot like the ones worn by Arnold in the career-defining movie from the 1980s. They are available in bright colors and muted tones to fit everyone’s style.



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