DIY Sewing

DIY Sewing Projects Anyone Can Do

DIY Sewing Projects Anyone Can Do


Sewing is one of those activities where many people feel disheartened and intimidated by the skills it requires. Sewers must be knowledgeable in their stitching, cutting, and hemming of the fabric into a new garment or item. Still, there are some DIY sewing projects anyone can do whether they’re a beginner or experienced sewer.

Fleece or Flannel Pajamas

While it might not seem like an easy sewing project, custom fleece or flannel pajamas are simple projects anyone can do. You no longer need to buy pajamas from the store, as these are just as comfortable and cozy as any you might find. All you’ll need is the pattern, fabric, notions, sewing machine, sewing supplies, and ironing surface. Find directions online and get started.

Eye Mask

There is no better way to feel calm and rejuvenated than with a filled eye mask. With lavender, flaxseed, and aromatics, you can enjoy the sensational comfort, whether it’s cold or hot. It can help you unwind after a long day, fall asleep easier, or just to relax. To sew your own mask, use knit-back fleece, cotton fabric, a fine-point marking pen, scissors, quilters pins, sewing machine, thread, and natural eye filler mix. You can make this filler using a half cup of flaxseed, a half cup of dried lavender, and any essential oil or flower petals you prefer.

Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are DIY sewing projects anyone can do. The ground-length skirts are fairly simple in their design, which makes them easy to sew and adjust. Plus, you save a lot of money from designer-branded skirts. The trick to creating a maxi skirt is in the cutting. Start with half the waist width. Then, allow six inches below that before starting to widen. The base should be about the waist width or whatever the desired fullness. The length should start from the waist and go to where the skirt will sit to the floor. Furthermore, it’s best to use a knit stitch on this project for both sides from the top of the waistband down. You may need to hem the dress afterward, so make sure to choose the right sewing needle for the material.

Electronics Bag

You’ll almost never lose a laptop, smartphone, or tablet again with this custom-designed electronics carrier. It’s a hassle managing every new electronic device in your house and, if you constantly travel with a laptop for work or school, it can get misplaced. Now, you no longer need to worry as this laptop carrying bag will help. All you need is one and a half yards of pre-quilted fabric, matching thread, swivel hooks, D rings, an 18” to 20” zipper, and the pattern pieces. The reason you’ll want to use pre-quilted fabric is that it allows extra cushioning for your device. If you don’t have a laptop, simply find a pattern to match your device’s specifications.

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