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Fashion Trends for Men in Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends for Men


Some people are saying that streetwear is facing extinction. While that remains to be seen, there is no doubt that guys are dressing with a little more class these days. Custom-tailored suits, oversized coats, and ties are making a strong comeback (better brush up on some tailor jargon), and designers are starting to experiment with leather, all-over prints, monochromatic looks again. On top of this, the color dominating this upcoming fall season is red, so you’ll want to start preparing. Get ready for the season with these fashion trends for men in fall 2020.

Gigantic Jackets

Falling temperatures mean one thing—heavy coats. Designers are going with a throwback to the 80s by focusing on oversized overcoats. Heavy woolen coats, with strong shoulders and dramatic sleeves to round out the look, will be the go-to look this year.

All-Over Looks

As summer gives way to fall, the all-over print will continue to remain in style. This summer look will survive and continue on with bold prints from head to toe. All the major designers—from Prada to Sacai to Louis Vuitton—have a take on this look.

Denim Redefined

Basic jeans are basically done. Say bye-bye to straight leg skinny jeans this winter—denim is taking on a whole new look. Martine Rose is coming out with a denim baroque pattern, and you’ll want to look for glitter-embellished denim from Alyx and oversized jeans with massive pockets from Off-White.

Face Sweaters

Everyone loves an oversized and comfortable sweater to beat the bite of winter. However, this year’s sweaters will boast unique human figures and faces as the hottest new pattern. Comfy sweaters featuring non-descript faces will soon become the must-have fashion trend for men in fall 2020.

Red is the Color

Winter can be a dreary and grey time of year. Cold temperatures and cloudy skies bring down the enthusiasm of even the most joyous of souls. Fight back against the winter blues with bright, vibrant reds. Avoid muted tones this fall—a bright, fire hydrant red will help you face a long, dark winter.


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