5 Ways Shopping is Different Now

5 Ways Shopping is Different Now

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have been experienced in all parts of the world. Different sectors have been influenced by more negative than positive ways. The pandemic has changed the way significant elements of the social function, including shopping. Both online and offline shopping have been affected by the epidemic. Some people argue that the impacts of the pandemic on shopping are more positive than negative, as things are a bit more hygienic and we’re seeing a growing online presence. One thing we know, the past 6 months has changed fashion and shopping forever.

The Online Shopping Takeover

Online shopping has, in recent months, become more popular than ever. This is the case because there have been movement restrictions and lockdown orders implemented in different parts of the world, calling for essential businesses to close. Anymore, basically anything you want can be delivered to your home, especially fashion. For example, if you are searching for a new handbag but was wanting an exclusive piece from chic European brands, try sites like Mirta where you can order Made in Italy bags that’ll arrive at your doorstep. The same goes for food, you can search for specialty ingredients online from Whole Foods and get them delivered in 1 day. This is an easy trend that many are hoping will stick around, long after the virus is gone.

Masks and Sanitizers are Mandatory in Most Stores.

Most stores that are still operational, like supermarkets and malls, require you to wear masks and use sanitizer before entering in each store. These measures are aimed at preventing the virus from spreading during shopping. Retail stores also use steam to sanitize clothes after people have tried on the clothes. This way, the stores are making sure that they are not responsible for spreading the virus! To be honest, the hand sanitizer should always be available, even for years before thanks to the flu season.

Booking Appointments Have Become Necessary.

Most stores will also allow you to book appointments before showing up. By doing so, these stores make sure that you are the only one in the store or a minimum number of clients is achieved. Doing so helps the stores to maintain social distancing and prevent crowding in their stored hence preventing infections.

Contactless Payment

According to the World Health Organization and other medical societies in different parts of the world, one of the primary methods through which the coronavirus is spread is through physical contact. For this reason, stores and other businesses try to minimize physical contact through methods like contactless payment. Such contactless payment methods include the use of payment apps, contactless cards, PayPal, etc.

Curbside Pickup or Home Delivery

Online and physical stores are offering delivery services like curbside pickup and same-day home delivery. Curbside pickup is where you literally walk or drive up to the side of the store, and the store assistant will give you the items in a sanitized bag. The benefit is you are outside, where the virus doesn’t seem to spread so much, and don’t need to enter a crowded store. On the other hand, home delivery is where the products are delivered to your door by somebody working within the shop. These delivery services help you complete the cycle of shopping without leaving your house or home area for any reason.

Some of the changes mentioned above, like contactless payment and steam sterilizing clothes, have become a great hit with online and offline fashion businesses. Some fashion brands are looking to bring these changes to the future even after the virus has been taken care of.

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