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A Man’s List of Business Wardrobe Essentials

A Man’s List of Business Wardrobe Essentials


In the business world, men must present themselves professionally to be taken seriously. The problem is, many guys have the wrong items in their closets. We put together a man’s list of business wardrobe essentials to help you take control of the conference room as soon as you walk in. If you want your clothes to demonstrate that you mean business, read on.

A Tailored Navy Suit

That’s right, navy, not black. A black suit was appropriate decades ago, but today, they’re only useful for funerals. If you want to ensure a great fit, you’ll also need to get your suit tailored. Don’t settle for “good enough” because when it comes to a suit, fit is everything. It doesn’t matter how much money you spent on your suit—it won’t look good if it doesn’t fit properly.

Basic Dress Shirts and Sweaters

You’re obviously going to need some dress shirts, and while the fit is crucial, so are the colors. Every man needs at least one white and light blue dress shirt. Some men may also like a light pink and grey grid dress shirt. When it comes to the colder months, you should also have a few sweaters. If you want to wear a dress shirt underneath, you can go for crewnecks, V-neck sweaters, or cardigans. For those of you seeking a modern touch, get a turtleneck sweater, and wear a blazer over it.

Brown and Black Dress Shoes

Every man should own a good pair of either black or brown dress shoes. We’d suggest getting a standard pair of oxfords or cap toe shoes. If you’d like to make more of a statement, you can always go for brogues or, better yet—brogue double monk strap shoes. The best part is, regardless of which style or color you choose, you can wear any of them with your navy suit and dress shirts.

Various Neckties

While you might not need to wear a tie all the time, it adds a sophisticated touch to your outfit. Any man can pull off a standard width tie. If you’re skinnier, you can wear a skinny width tie of your choice. Every man should have the core ties in their wardrobe; these staples include solids, stripes, and several others.

Now that you’ve read our list of men’s business wardrobe essentials, you can carry yourself like the business professional you are. These great outfit pieces will have you taking on the boardroom in style.

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