Reasons to Try Balayage This Summer

Looking for a new look this summer? Here’s why you should consider balayage; the side-to-side highlights that will make your hair look amazing.

Reasons to Try Balayage This Summer


As you unfurl your locks from beneath your winter hats, you want your hair to look better than ever in the summer of 2021—quite possibly the season that we start to get back to normal. To make the most of the season, consider balayage, the French hair treatment of brushing color across the hair for a varied and lush appearance. While balayage may be synonymous with summer, its long-lasting effects could make it a year-round approach. These three great reasons to try balayage this summer—and beyond.

Low Maintenance

Some hair treatments require constant upkeep. With balayage, the time-intensive nature is frontloaded—once you’ve spent a few hours in the salon getting that perfect mix of highlights, there’s not a lot you’ll have to do between appointments. Unlike coloring that targets the roots, which show your natural color in a matter of weeks, balayage concentrates on the ends of your hair, allowing for a graceful grow-out. That leaves you with more time to enjoy the summer and less to stress out about.

A Sun-Kissed Simulacrum

Everyone seeks the natural highlights that come with spending summer in the sun. Less desirable than those highlights is the damage that ultraviolet light can do to your hair. Too much UV exposure can denature the keratin in your hair. That means split ends, dry hair, and a pesky frizz. With a well-applied balayage, you can achieve the platonic ideal of summer highlights without the side effects of doing it naturally.

Look Younger

One of the best reasons to try balayage this summer is that this rich palette of varying highlights has an anti-aging effect that won’t require you to slap anything on your skin. Splashes and hints of lighter tones serve to lend dimension to the hair, making it appear lusher and thicker than it would with an all-over, out-of-the-box hair dye. And because it is such a low-maintenance approach, with months between appointments, you’ll be able to look younger longer than ever.

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