How to Look Stylish With Minimal Effort

Are you constantly jumping from one activity to the next? Do you want to look trendy without investing hours you don’t have? Know what works for your lifestyle!

How to Look Stylish With Minimal Effort


When you run from one activity to the next, you don’t have time to keep up with the latest fashion trend. By knowing how to look stylish with minimal effort, you can keep up with the newest fads. Some of the cutest hair, nail, and clothing styles are low maintenance!

Plan Ahead

Is tomorrow a busy day? Plan your look the night before, so you have time to enjoy your coffee rather than tear your closet apart in the search for the ideal outfit.

You may want to establish an organizational system to make planning ahead easier, especially if you’re always on the go. For example, you can organize your clothes by the season or color—the perfect system makes finding clothes a breeze.

Know What Works

If you’re a busy person, keep things low maintenance by getting a hair and nail style that suits your lifestyle. Although layered hair looks cute, it takes time to style properly. Likewise, while many desire long nails, square and round nails are trendy, easy to care for, and less likely to break.

Carefully consider the type of clothing fabric you buy. Avoid items that are 100% cotton or 100% rayon since both materials wrinkle badly. Similarly, dry-clean-only clothing or skirts and dresses with many pleats will only add to your already packed to-do list.

Fashion Pro-Tip

One fashion tip for women on the go is to keep your selection minimal, especially if too many options overwhelm you. Instead, shrink your closet space or opt for a capsule wardrobe!

You can make the most of your space and have an easier time selecting your outfits, and by choosing the basics, you can layer or mix and match.

Get Perfect Clothes and Accessories

Understanding how to look stylish with minimal effort also applies to the clothing you have in your wardrobe. The ideal closet has the stables: a few cute jackets, plain tops, black pants, and accessories to mix and match! Have the bare basics in your closet—you’ll need these staples every day, so make sure you have the essentials:

  • White shirt
  • Monochrome jacket
  • Jeans and black dress pants
  • Flats and neutral heels
  • Long cardigan

Keeping the colors muted with minimal prints makes planning each daily outfit a breeze; patterns and bright colors are hard to pair. Carefully select what clothing and accessories you add to your closet, so you can make deciding what to wear effortless.

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