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How To Make a Fashion Statement With Your Vehicle

Your car shouldn’t just be a means of transportation—it should reflect your personal style. Here’s how to make a fashion statement with your vehicle.

How To Make a Fashion Statement With Your Vehicle


When you’re out driving, let people know who you are without leaving your car. Your vehicle should be as fun, fashionable, and flashy as you are. Take some time to add flair to your commute with some basic upkeep or more extensive modifications. Here’s how to make a fashion statement with your vehicle.

Start With a Classic

Nothing looks sharper than a vintage automobile, especially one restored to its original luster and beauty. Be sure you pick one that reflects your style, whether it’s a Corvette, Jaguar, Barracuda, or Mercedes. As a fair warning, a classic ride requires a large investment of time, money, and patience, whether you do it yourself or leave it in the hands of an expert restorer. Also, older cars don’t handle as well as newer ones and require a different set of parts and labor. But if you take the plunge, you’re guaranteed a vehicle that will truly stop traffic.

A New Coat of Paint

Need a more contemporary ride? Color it you. Most standard-issue paint jobs on newer cars are acceptable if unimaginative, but you need a hue that both stands out and complements your daily look. Getting a new paint job is easy enough, and usually costs in the low to mid-hundreds. Your favorite color is the first pick of most people, but consider whether you plan to match it fashion-wise, or even better if you want a subtler tone and shade that makes your every ensemble pop.

That’s a Wrap

Do you use your nails to send a message about who you are? Do you favor designs over single colors? Then consider getting a wrap made for your vehicle. Wraps are vinyl coverings that adhere to your car’s body. They can be total or partial and can always be removed and replaced later. Countless designs and images are available, and if you have the means, you can design a custom wrap yourself.

Accent the Interior

Want to know how to make a fashion statement with your vehicle? Don’t forget the interior. Keep it simple but add glitter and gloss to your car’s cabin. Wheel and car seat covers can enhance your interior, as can designer coasters in your cup holders, colorful (yet waterproof) floor mats, car seat back protectors, and organizers. Dashboards and rear decks are a stage for whatever statement you’d like to make as well, whether cool and sedate or fun and frolicsome. Overall, make your car your canvas.

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