The First 4 Steps in Developing a Fashion Brand

Do you have a vision for a fashion brand and are ready to get started?  Here are the first steps you’ll take on your development path!

The First 4 Steps in Developing a Fashion Brand


This is a big one, but if you already have a good idea of your vision and brand identity, this step is all about sourcing your wholesale materials, calculating costing, and making your best guess at what fabrics will work for what silhouettes. You can do this on your own or you can book a consultation with a development and production firm that will be able to explain each aspect of your project plans. 

TIP:  If you are making a collection with multiple silhouettes and colorways, then creating a line plan with as many details as possible will help keep the collection organized and easy to communicate with your team.


Ever hear that failing to plan is planning to fail? Well, we think whoever first said that had tech packs in mind! Tech packs are the “blueprints” of fashion. They are every detail of a particular style planned out before action is taken to create the garment. Creating this document forces the designer to decide measurements, seam types, construction details, fabric and trim and so much more.  


This is a super exciting step in the creation of a collection! Your pattern maker will need to reference the tech pack’s sketch, measurement specifications, construction details, and any other initial callouts.  They will also need to have a good understanding of your target price so they know to pattern a garment within your costing requirements. Finally, it is essential that your pattern maker knows what fabric you will be using as this will determine what type of patterning they should be executing.

Patterns can be made by hand drafting on paper, a combination of draping and drafting, or they can be made by using computer pattern software such as Gerber Accumark.


At last! You are ready to cut and sew your first prototype! That is, of course, once your development team has all the needed materials and the pattern is complete. This is such an exciting step and to see your vision as an actual sample is a major step forward in fulfilling your goal.  Next up: Fitting your first sample!

Getting your first prototype approved is a big accomplishment. It allows you to complete your planning for production, marketing, sales strategy, and costing. AND, it opens the door to the second half of your development path which leads straight into production!

If you are ready to start your development, reach out to us at Michigan Fashion Proto! We are happy to help!

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